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There are a few UK pharmacies where you can buy Spedra online, but not that many of them are cheap.

This is because they sell brand name Spedra, but you can get it much cheaper if you a generic version.

To view both brand-name and generic versions of Spedra available in the UK, click on the Spedra price comparison link below:

Spedra (avanafil) price comparison

The generic form of Spedra is avanafil, which is simply the name of its key ingredient.

Marketed as Spedra in Europe (by Menarini) and as Stendra in the US (by Vivus Inc). You can buy generic versions as Avanafil or Avana. Best Place to Buy Spedra Online

To get low-cost Spedra online, order generic Spedra (avanafil). Internationally-based pharmacies sell generic Spedra but not from UK ones.

In the Spedra price comparison tables prices are for generic Spedra (avanafil) and also brand-name Spedra. You can see for yourself where is the best place to buy Spedra online.

In the UK, Spedra is a prescription-only medicine. Pharmacies listed in the Spedra online price comparison have an online consultation.  Approval of your Spedra prescription comes a few minutes after answering a some questions online.

How to get best price for Spedra online

spedra tabletThe more Spedra (avanafil) you buy, the lower the price per tablet.

With most UK-based pharmacies you can only buy Spedra online in packs of 4 or 8 tablets. So you don’t get a great price per tablet. You also often have to pay a delivery fee.

50mg is a sufficient dose to overcome most erectile dysfunction issues. You could taker Spedra 100mg and 200mg tablets in partial doses at different times.

How does Spedra compare to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

spedra onlineSpedra (avanafil) is the same type of medicine as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. (sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil, to give them their generic names.) But avanafil becomes effective much faster.

For the others, you need to take them at least an hour before intercourse. (Cialis can take effect within about half an hour.)

However, with Spedra, you can feel the effects within 10-12 minutes. Sometimes it does take a bit longer, but no more than half an hour.

Spedra is better if you like to be spontaneous. Using it avoids having to plan an hour ahead when you want penetrative sex.

It lasts for about the same amount of time as Viagra (sildenafil) – about 4-5 hours.

As always, check the product instructions thoroughly before taking, and see your doctor first for any questions.

Avanafil is the latest PDE5 inhibitor to hit the market and is proving very popular.

Spedra Online Price Comparison

No UK based pharmacies sell Spedra despite the popularity, apart from Online Clinic listed below. Mainstream online pharmacies only deal in branded medication. Hence the higher price (paying extra for the name, not the drug).

These patent regulations also prohibit UK pharmacies from selling generic Cialis and generic Levitra. The patent on Viagra expired in the UK in June 2013. See low generic Viagra prices available from many off shore and UK based online pharmacies at the Generic Viagra Price Comparison Chart.

Spedra online – fastest ED gun in town

Buying Spedra online is for those guys who don’t like waiting too long for ‘results’ and want to be ready for action fast. If you are one of those guys this erectile dysfunction pill called Spedra (using active ED medication Avanafil – a standard PDE5 inhibitor) might be just what you’re looking for.

Spedra online price comparison table – click here

You can now get generic Spedra with huge savings if you buy Spedra online from one of the generic medication pharmacies listed below. Combine that with free shipping and you can have the fastest acting ED pill on the market at a good price.

Note: Avanafil is also sold as Stendra™ registered trademark of Vivus Inc.

So what’s the difference between generic Spedra and branded Spedra?
– an ingredient that works just like Sildenafil (Viagra) except it the effects can be felt much faster.

Officially Spedra buy online pills should have full effect within 15 minutes but it can work faster than that if taken on an empty stomach.

If you like to ‘live in the moment’ and be ready for anything in record time, including the ability to enjoy great sex in a few minutes notice, then Spedra might be just what you need.

Spedra 50mg and 100mg

As you may know, for most men, 50mg is plenty enough to enjoy the full benefits of this speedy erectile dysfunction treatment.

This means that your best buy is to get the 100mg tablets and you can split them into four separate doses for four sessions.

Remember, branded Spedra, generic Spedra, and avanafil are exactly the same thing, just different names subject to different copyright considerations and costs.

avanafil tabletAlso remember to order the 100mg tablets, not the 50mg ones for the most ‘bang for your buck’.

I paste the links to high-quality on-line generic pharmaceutical companies because I have always received first class service from these guys and they have the lowest prices for ED pills anywhere on the web.

Great prices, free shipping, and discount codes – who can argue with that?

Spedra buy online with the links below to make an order.