Bimatoprost eyelash growth

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Bimatoprost (also sold as Careprost) treats a condition called eyelash hypotrichosis.

This is when you don’t have as much/many eyelashes as is normal.

In this case, Bimatoprost can help more lashes to grow and to become thicker, longer and darker.

Rather than eye drops, use Bimatoprost topical – a liquid you apply to your eyelids.

Bimatoprost is the scientific name of the chemical.

It is the active medical ingredient in brand name eye drops such as:

  • Lumigan (for glaucoma)
  • Latisse
  • Careprost (for eyelash growth)

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How does bimatoprost work?

Bimatoprost (opthalmic) reduces the pressure within the eyes. It can thus halt the progress of glaucoma and prevent loss, or further loss, of vision.

It is better for “open-angle” glaucoma, (a chronic condition caused by fluid not draining properly from the eye), than “narrow-angle” glaucoma which can come on suddenly.

Bimatoprost opthalmic eye drops may also increase eyelash growth. It increases the growth of eyelashes – both the number of eyelash hairs that grow and how much they grow.

Bimatoprost as a cure for glaucoma works by increasing the drainage of the watery liquid (aquaeous humour) from the eyes. This has the effect of reducing the pressure within the eyes.

High pressure within the eyes (intra ocular pressure) is a cause of open-angle glaucoma and can cause damage to the retina and the optic nerve (which carries nerve signals from the eye to the brain).

For increasing eyelash growth, Bimatoprost works by increasing the length of the growing phase of the eyelashes, and also by stimulating more eyelash hairs to grow.

How to use bimatoprost opthalmic eye drops

The usual dose for adults is to put one bimatoprost opthalmic eye drop in your eye once a day. Doing this in the evening id generally recommended. You don’t have to apply the drops to both eyes, only to the one that needs treatment. There are basic precautions you should take, like washing your hands thoroughly first, checking the dropper is clean, not letting the dropper touch your eye or anything else (in case it becomes contaminated), etc.

Foir detailed information on how to put Bimatoprost opthalmic eye drops click here.

How to use bimatoproast for eyelash growth

For bimatoprost topical, used for eyelash growth, you generally apply it to your eyelids once a day, usually in the evening but importantly, at about the same time every day.

It takes up to four weeks to start having noticeable effects and up to three or four months for its full effects to show. When you stop using it, your eyelash will return to how they were before within a few weeks or months.

There’s detailed information on using Bimatoprost topical click here.

In both cases, before you use Bimatoprost, check with a doctor if have any eye inflammation, infection or injury or use any other medicines. (It can sometimes interact with other drugs and even supplements).

Wait five minutes before using any other eye medications.

Also, Bimatoprost eyedrops can discolour soft contact lenses. If you wear contacts, take them out before using Bimatoprost and don’t put them back in for at least fifteen minutes afterwards.

It’s unknown whether bimatoprost ophthalmic will harm a fetus. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using it. Same if you’re breast-feeding, since it may get into the milk.

Who makes bimatoprost or generic bimatoprost such as Careprost?

A company called Allergan developed Bimatoprost for glaucoma and eyelash growth. They who make and market the bimatoprost opthalmic eyedrops under the name Lumigan, and market bimatoprost for eyelash growth under the name Latisse. Careprost is another popular name for generic bimatoprost.

Allergan still holds patents on bimatoprost products in the US, the EU and several other countries (many of which don’t expire until 2025!).

Some other companies make generic bimatoprost products in countries where it is not patented.

How does bimatoprost compare to travoprost or latanoprost or timolol?

Several studies have compared the use of bimatoprost opthalmic to travoprost and latanoprost in reducing pressure in the eye. All three substances are synthetic versions of prostaglandin (a hormone-like substance found in the body). However, the most effective is bimatoprost.

Timolol is another substance that reduces pressure in the eye. It’s a beta-blocker and can be used with bimatoprost. Studies showed that using bimatoprost with timolol was more effective than using timolol on its own. And using bimatoprost on its own was still more effective than using timolol on its own.

Bimatoprost eye drops are available in two strengths – 0.1mg/ml and 0.3 mg/ml. The lower strength one is slightly less effective but is tolerated by patients better and is less likely to cause redness in the eyes.

How much does bimatoprost cost?

bimatoproast opthalmic 3ml bottleIn the UK, brand name bimatoprost – Lumigan or Latisse – is what’s available.

Being a brand name medication, it’s more expensive than generic ones. You can buy cheaper generic bimatoprost products online from overseas pharmacies in countries where the patents for the drug don’t apply.

For your convenience we have listed the cheapest place to buy bimatoprost in the UK detailed in the price comparison table below.

Where to buy bimatoprost in the UK?

Bimatoprost is available only with a prescription in the UK (and the US and many other countries).

You will be able to get it (under the name Lumigan or Latisse) at most chemists in the UK.

You can also buy cheaper Bimatoprost online as many online pharmacies (see above). These pharmacies allow you to do a consultation to get a prescription. Some overseas pharmacies will also sell generic bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost opthalmic

Bimatoprost as a cure for glaucoma and increasing eyelash growth, Bimatoprost works by increasing the length of the growing phase of the eyelashes, and also by stimulating more eyelash hairs to grow.
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Does Bimatoprost have any side effects?

The most common side effect of bimatoprost is redness of the eye and/or eyelids. It can also cause a bit of itching, swelling or pain around your eye, some oozing/discharge, tears, a burning sensation in your eye, increased sensitivity to light and some visual blurring.

Bimatoprost – both opthalmic and topical – also causes thickening of eyelashes. And, more permanently, it can also cause a darkening in colour of your eyelids and lashes, the area beneath your eye, and even in your iris itself. This is generally due to an increase in brown pigment and can happen very gradually, so that you don’t notice it for months or even years. So if you’re only using bimatoprost in one eye then you could end up with one eye or eyelid being different from the other in colour.

As with any medication, some people may be allergic to bimatoprost so get medical help if you start having itching, hives, swelling of your lips, tongue or throat, trouble breathing.

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