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Top quality generic non prescription ED tablets online

non prescription ED tabletsThere is no shortage of misunderstanding written about non prescription ED tablets instigated by lies disseminating from the TV and the Hollywood film industry.

It is nonsense that non prescription ED tablets are for the cure of advanced ED.

The effects of generic Viagra and othernon prescription ED tablets are good solutions for ED. But it would be an error to shrink its benefits to only that purpose.

ED tablets reawakening to unfortunate males who suffer a lack of capability to maintain erect penises when sexually aroused. Yet these tablets is also very good for younger men that need additional stamina.

A small minority of men may suffer bad reactions while trying ED tablets. But side-effects to erectile dysfunction tablets is rare.

Considering the number of men who regularly use non prescription ED tablets the incidence is minuscule.

If you are contemplating using some of the popular ED tablets online, below are a few items to mull over …

Non prescription ED tablets age restrictions

ED tablets price UK
You don’t have to be old or suffer total ED to benefit from ED tablets. Men achieve their sexual apex in their early 30’s. (Women that do not achieve their sexual height until they are in their 40’s.)

After 25, for the majority of men, it is a slow decent in sexual performance to stay erect. Also a reduction in in self-confidence.

Let’s say you are over 30. Taking ED tablets can wind back the clock to your prime period. You’ll be enjoying sexual activity just like before. Or better.

Since enjoying the effects of using non prescription ED tablets I’ve been having bigger, stronger erections that last longer. I now enjoy hot sex more and have increased confidence.

Buying non prescription ED tablets without prescriptions

No need to feel set back because a medical prescription is required to purchase ED tablets. It is evident that many men do not desire to talk about their need for ED tablets.

It’s easier to place an order for non prescription ED tablets. Just by responding to a number of questions concerning allergies and other medications you are on.

The order process results in an order of non prescription ED tablets. They arrive at your home in a plain envelope in 3 to 14 days.

Non prescription ED tablets online prices

The high cost of non prescription ED tablets online is sufficient to dismay most men.

Mind you, laboratories manufacture ED tablets for less than the branded cost.

Basically, you are able obtain generic ED tablets online with the same ingredients to the brand-name ED tablets at a cheaper cost.

To enjoy the benefits if these non prescription ED tablets at the lowest possible cost then buy as large a quantities. This brings the price per tablet down significantly.

Secondly, purchase higher strength tablets and consider splitting them into separate doses. The price difference between higher and lower dose ED tablets is not that great.

Bottom line is ED tablets significantly uplift your sex life for you as well as your partner.

Far too long MSM misinform men regarding non prescription ED tablets. There is nothing wrong with you if you’re thinking about taking impotence tablets.

The truth is that the competence to maintain substantial erections is essential to contentment in erotic life.

And that’s the secret to a richer and more vital life. In a nutshell men should take advantage of ED tablets online.

Are ED tablets addictive?

Do men becoming addicted to ED tablets in the UK such as Viagra or Cialis? No. ED tablets are not addictive is a classic sense. However, there are two things about ED tablets online and addiction that you have to keep in mind to getting it in perspective.

First,you can become psychologically addicted to anything, including cookies, hugs,TV programs, gambling, etc..

Of course having long-lasting, arousing, great sex with you partner again and again is addictive. So non prescription ED tablets in the UK like generic Viagra and generic Cialis could be regarded as addictive.

Of course I could imagine a lot more worse things than addiction to than great sex.

I can find no evidence that ED tablets online in the UK, is in any way physiologically addictive.

By taking ED tablets in the UK on a regular basis you will not develop a physical dependency on them.

non prescription ED tablets UK – dealing with the stigma

There is a huge shame associated erectile dysfunction and buying impotence tablets like Vardenafil, devised and disseminated by television and Hollywood.

MSM connects using non prescription ED tablets online with desperation. Being a ED tablets user should be embarrassing.

This is a disservice, particularly if realizes that poor stamina when making love is usually the result of ones state of mind and low self-esteem.

To associate this stigma and a feeling of deceit to the taking advantage of Erectile Dysfunction treatments is to dump us in a awkward spot – between a rock and a hard place bind.

The truth is that the inevitable loss of sexual vigour is the biological result of being male and getting older.

For both men and women, we must call to account and get rid of the unfair embarrassment associated with erectile dysfunction medications.

Failing to be porn star may undermine one’s ego. But by being hurt still more by utilizing non prescription ED tablets to heighten your sexual potency is another thing all together.

The bottom line is that menfolk who allow themselves to feel embarrassment forego for themselves and their partners a rewarding love-life.

Psychological dimensions of non prescription ED tablets

Indeed, the worst aspect of non prescription ED tablets online in the UK is not the effect they have on your body, and certainly not on your sex life, but on the social stigmatization attached to using these medications.

The first stigma has to do with our sense of ‘manhood’. The myth goes something like this – a real man wouldn’t need ED tablets UK to have consistently achieve a hard and enduring erection during lovemaking. ‘Real men’ don’t need ED tablets and don’t take ED tablets in the UK.

Of course the fact is that men all fall short of ideals when it comes to physical perfection.

That’s just nature. We get ill, we need treatment. We get old, we need aids to enjoy the physical endurance of your younger years – and that’s as true in sexual matters as it is in other areas.

The fact is that nature is far from perfect and sometimes plays cruel jokes on us – like our increasing ability to achieve and maintain rock hard erections as we age.

Another cruel joke that nature plays on us that as we age, often our eye sight degrades and we require reading glasses to read and view details.

Taking non prescription ED tablets in the UK and extending your sex life should be no more stigmatic that wearing reading glasses to read – but it is – for a lot of complex reasons including our mixed up attitude towards sex and intimate relationships.

Women’s attitudes to ED tablets

A common attitude coming from women creates stigma regarding ED tablets. Many women feel that if they are attractive enough to their partner then they wouldn’t need ED tablets. This belief, although tenacious, is fundamentally wrong is very hard to displace.

Unless a man finds his partner attractive, he will not be able to achieve an erection regardless of ED tablets. ED tablets in the UK do not make you have an erection. They simply allow you to have a better erection if and when you are sexually stimulated.

Overcome the shame and associate non prescription ED tablets. Think of them as as sexual confidence tablets.

These points should have offered you some clarity into the enhancements of taking ED tablets to improve your sex life.

Far too long men have been misinformed regarding non prescription ED tablets with the notion that there is something wrong with you if you’re thinking about taking these impotence tablets.

The truth is that the competence to maintain substantial erections is essential to contentment in erotic life.

And that’s the secret to a richer and more vital life. In a nutshell, non prescription ED tablets is a blessing to be taken advantage of.

ED tablets price comparison


Buy Viagra online

Buy Viagra online for much less!

If you’re looking to buy Viagra Online then you have arrived on the right page. See the Viagra price comparison chart below. You will see just how cheap you can buy Viagra online these days.

You have plenty of choice when it comes to buying the cheapest generic Viagra online.

Safety and security

All online pharmacies listed in the price comparison are registered. They comply with the legally required consultation process (in lieu of a doctor’s prescription).

ED pills price comparison

They all deliver in discreet envelopes anywhere in the UK. Your package of generic Viagra tablets can arrive to your door within 24 hours of ordering. In most cases expect 7 to 14 days for large orders.

Viagra comes in a number of different strengths. 25mg, 50mg and 100mg are the most common. The numbers indicate how much Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra, is present in each individual tablet.

The different strengths reflect the fact that some men are more sensitive to the effects of Sildenafil than others.

Some men need more. Some men need less, for the same effect.

To find out the right dosage for you, experiment.

If you fail to achieve a significant and impressive erection after taking 25mg Viagra, increase the dosage.

If you feel bloated or have a mild headache after taking 100mg Viagra try a smaller dosage next time.

As a rule of thumb, 50mg Viagra is a sufficient dose for most men to overcome ED.

25mg Viagra is enough for most men who only suffer a mild symptom of ED.

For those men who suffer severe erectile dysfunction issues, 100mg Viagra may be required.

The secret to buying cheap Viagra online

So if 50mg Viagra is enough for most men to overcome ED why is 100mg Viagra so popular?

Because the cost of 100 mg Viagra is only slightly more than 50mg Viagra. The actual cost of producing Sildenafil citrate is negligible. The main cost is in manufacturing, packaging, and marketing.

You can buy a large supply of 100mg Viagra online for almost the same price as you can buy 25mg or 50mg tablets.

Simply by taking only half a 100mg tablet, or 50mg each time, you are halving the cost. You can get 50mg Viagra for as low as 63p per tablet and 100 mg Viagra for 66p per tablet.

Split a 100mg Viagra tablet in half and you have a 50mg Viagra dose for as low as 33p per dose. This makes Viagra 100mg the lowest price for erectile dysfunction treatments.

Buying Viagra online without a prescription

A change in drug regulations in the UK means don’t need a UK doctor’s prescription to buy Viagra online. Just fill out a short online consultation during checkout. A trained doctor then reviews it. Usually within minutes your order of generic Viagra, or whatever, is ready for shipment.

If for some reason your consultation is not approved you will not be charged. The consultation process is free regardless of outcome.

Buying Viagra from UK chemists

The patent on Viagra ran out in the UK on June 2003 However, UK chemists are still charging unjustifiably high prices for Viagra / Sildenafil.

The fact is that you can now legally buy Viagra online without a prescription for just pennies, not £’s per pill.

Thanks to the Internet we no longer have to pay up to 1000% mark-up prices for ED treatments. We can now cut out these middlemen and get top quality medications directly from the source – at a fraction of the price.

Check out the Viagra online price comparison chart. Now you can buy Viagra online for a small fraction of the UK chemist’ price.

Also beware of UK chemists requiring people to sign up and do an online consultation before seeing their price Viagra. This borders on dishonesty in my opinion – but seems to be the standard business practice in the UK these days.

Below are some findings on the actual prices being charged generic Viagra online by well-known UK pharmacies.

First take a look at Lloyds pharmacy where you can buy Viagra online.

After a lengthy consultation I was not offered Viagra 100mg that I requested but offered a 50mg version only. It’s clear that you cannot buy Viagra online from Lloyds pharmacy at a reasonable price. See their price list below:

LloydsPharmacy Viagra 50mg – £9.88 per tablet

Viagra online Lloydspharmacy

Take a good look at those prices. Their best offer is 50mg generic Viagra for £9.98 per pill.

That’s over 15 times the price you can buy Viagra online elsewhere.

Now let’s go to possibly one of the more popular online UK pharmacies – Chemist Direct.

ChemistDirect Viagra 100mg – £7.69 per tablet

viagra online chemist directChemist Direct is less than half the cost of Lloyds Pharmacy (when you account for the fact that they are offering 100mg Viagra). But are still overcharging.

Their best deal, 32 generic Viagra tablets for £245.96 still works out to£7.68 per tablet Viagra 100mg.

Still over 10 times the cost of other pharmacies where you can buy Viagra online.

Another online pharmacy in the UK where you can buy Viagra online is Dokter-Online. It operates out of Germany but does a lot of business selling Viagra in the UK.

Let’s see what they have on offer:

Dokter Online Viagra 100mg £12.69 per tablet

viagra donline doktoronline

Their best deal to buy Viagra online is 64 tablets for £812.06. That works out to £12.69 per tablet.

They market themselves as a “discount pharmacy” – but we can see by how much they are over-charging.

RX Sales – tried and tested

viagra online priceA lesser-known but reliable place to buy Viagra online is RX Sales. They are a global sorting house of top generic drugs sourcing the best deals and passing them on to the consumer. Let’s see what they are offering:

Just a glance at the table above you can clearly see there is no comparison to the other three ‘major’ suppliers. Cutting out the middlemen and passing the saving directly on, generic online pharmacies can deliver comparatively cheap Viagra.

Buy Viagra online price comparison – the results

25mg to 50mg of generic Viagra, or Sildenafil, is sufficient for most men to enjoy substantial erections for 4 to 6 hours when sexually stimulated. I have made the Viagra online UK price comparison is based on single doses, not just price per tablet. Lloyds pharmacy does not offer Viagra 100 mg, only Viagra 50mg.

Viagra 50mg price comparison

Viagra 50mg

PharmacyDelivery Viagra 100mg price per pillOrder page
european generics fast acting viagraInternational Airmail $9.95
Express & trackable $29.95
All credit cards & Bitcoin
from £0.82
best price geneic viagra online pharmacyInternational Airmail FREE
Express & trackable £22.87
All credit cards & Bitcoin
from £0.48generic Viagra price comparison
generic viagra pharmacy2UFree Royal Mail delivery (UK only) from £6.32
boots ed treatmentsstore purchase onlyno online purchase
generic viagra lloyds pharmacyRoyal Mail delivery £4.95 (UK only) from £9.88Sildenafil 100mg price comparison

Viagra 100mg price comparison

Viagra 100mg

Viagra 100 contains 100mg of PDE5 inhibitor Sildenafil allowing men who suffer from ED to experience sufficient erections for up to 6 hours when sexually stimulated. (50mg of Sildenafil is considered sufficient for most ED sufferers.)

*Prices may vary slightly up or down due to exchange rate fluctuations.
PharmacyService Generic Viagra 100mg
price per pill
Order page
european generics fast acting viagraAirmail £7.65
Express & trackable £23

256-bit SSL secured
Discreet packaging
Privacy guaranteed
from £0.93

Registered Airmail Free
Express & trackable £20.85

256-bit SSL secured
Discreet packaging
Privacy guaranteed
from £0.72
boots ed treatmentsFree Delivery (UK only)from £4.25

(50mg only)
generic viagra lloyds pharmacyFree Delivery (UK only)from £4.25

(50mg only)
generic viagra pharmacy2UFree Royal Mail delivery (UK only) from £6.87

For me it’s a ‘no-brainer’, good online pharmacies win hands down, especially when you consider they offer free shipping and do not require a doctor’s prescription beforehand – just answer a few simple questions as part of the ordering process.

If you came here looking for cheap Viagra you’ve found it!

These are the guys I use for all my generic pill needs ;). If you want you can pay a little extra for express shipping.

Take a look at the generic Viagra price comparison table if you want to see what different players in the UK market are charging for generic Viagra.

Why 100 mg Viagra lowest price is the popular search

A lot of people search on-line for 100 mg Viagra Lowest Price and given the huge price variation for different on-line retail outlets it’s certainly a understandable quest.

For those of you who just want to purchase 100 mg Viagra at the lowest price, simply click on the generic Viagra price comparison table banner below where you can view the true cost of 100mg Viagra from honest on-line pharmacies.

For those of you new to erectile dysfunction medications, you might want to read the following before making a final decision.

Viagra®, generic Viagra and Sildenafil citrate – what’s the difference?

Viagra® is a registered trademark of Pfizer. It has been patented and marketed since 1998. Viagra the oldest ED treatment in tablet form available on the market.

The active ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. It is a PDE5 inhibitor enabling men to achieve significant erections when sexually aroused.

The main ingredient of generic Viagra is also Sildenafil citrate. Generic Viagra and brand-name Viagra are identical in substance. The only difference is the patent rights. Hence you can buy generic Viagra online at a fraction of the cost.

Some pharmacies sell generic Viagra simply as Sildenafil tablets. The actual ingredient is the same, whether its called Viagra®, generic Viagra, or Sildenafil.

For 100 mg Viagra lowest price you will need to find generic Viagra or Sildenafil tablets as the brand-name version of this drug is prohibitively expensive.

100mg Viagra – How long Does It Last?

Viagra consists of Sildenafil which has a half life of 4 to 5 hours. Personally I have enjoyed the effects of 50mg Viagra for 6 to 7 hours even though ‘officially’ it’s only supposed to work for 4 to 5 hours.

Of course the effect slowly wears off rather than come to a dramatic halt. You’ll have to experiment and find out for yourself. However, it stands to reason that 100mg Viagra will last longer than 25mg or 50mg of the same ingredient.

Why 100 mg Viagra lowest price may not work for you

One final word of caution regarding erectile dysfunction medications containing Sildenafil – they only work if you are sexually aroused.

In other words, you can take any dose of Sildenafil such as a cheap Viagra 100mg tablets for example, but will not experience any erection unless you are actually sexually aroused. Sildenafil does not produce erections in men regardless of their state of mind.

If you are suffering erectile dysfunction because you are unable to feel sexually aroused then that’s a psychological issue that is best treated in another manner – click: erectile dysfunction psychological fix.

For the most up-to-date prices for 100 mg Viagra check on the the price chart link below where you can find the best place to find 100 mg Viagra lowest price guaranteed.

How Viagra works – a simple and truthful explanation.

If you wonder how Viagra works then I’m glad you are here. I hope to dispel a lot of myths that circulate about Viagra.

A lot of misunderstanding comes from the media.

The common myth about ED tablets is that you just take one. Soon after get an erection that lasts for hours. Your girlfriend is totally turned on.

The fact is that the PDE5 inhibitor Sildenafil (the active ingredient of Viagra) doesn’t work that way at all.

ED pills price comparison

How Viagra works: the facts

Viagra, like most other erectile dysfunction medications, do not actually cause you to have an erection.

Yes you read that right. Viagra does not give you a boner.

What causes you to have an erection is yourself and your state of sexual stimulation, just like before you discovered Viagra.

As mentioned above, Viagra is composed of Sidenafil, a PDE5 inhibitor.

Here’s the method by which the PDE5 inhibitor of Viagra, and other erectile dysfunction treatments work:

The penis only becomes erect as a result of sexual stimulation.

Sexual stimulation results in the creation of nitric oxide that then results in the expansion of the arteries and veins into the corpus cavernosum, the body of the penis, assisted by the growing creation of cGMP (cyclic guaosine monophosphate).

As men get older, the levels of cGMP required to form a substantial erection, degrads by an increasing presence of PDE5.

Sildenafil, the effective chemical that make up ED treatment known as Viagra is a PDE5 blocker.

By lessening the effect of PDE5 that increases in presence in ageing men, PDE5 inhibitors permit natural erections to develop.

That’s the rub. Viagra does not cause erections, but it does allow erections to occur with greater ease, particularly as men age.

This leads us to the central point that often gets lost in media buzz and common discussions of erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra.

Misunderstandings about Viagra

No automatic erections

ED pills that use oral phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, such as Viagra, require sexual arousal to work.

After sexual stimulation, the production of nitric oxide from neurological synapses adjacent to the penis’ corpus cavernosum occurs.

As a result there forms a glut of cGMP that releases the membrane resulting in an erection to the cavity being engorged with blood.

PDE5 blockers prevent the degradation of cGMP that in turn permits erections to form with greater ease.

In other words, nature, being as imperfect as it is, can actually be a saboteur when it comes to men’s ability to achieve and sustain erections.

ED pills like Viagra (Sildenafil-based ED treatments) simply stop the body from sabotaging itself when it comes to sexual stamina and enjoyment.

You can take all the ED tablets in the world but you will not have an erection unless you sexually stimulated.

The idea that ED tablets like Viagra will cause you to have automatic erections is very widespread and completely false.

Basis of negative views by woman about Viagra

Many women believe this is how Viagra works. They believe that men need ED tablets like Viagra when they are not sufficiently attractive to cause a ‘natural erection’. As a consequence they have adopted an extremely negative view towards ED tablets in general.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet this seems a very stubborn misunderstanding to dislodge.

The fact is that instant erections do not occur when one takes Viagra. – even if you feel sexually stimulated. First swallow the tablet and then wait around 30 to 45 minutes for effects. The effects of Viagra last from 4 to 5 hours, sometimes longer.

Discount generic Viagra on-line

Take a look at the Viagra online price comparison chart is you want to buy cheap generic Viagra on-line. There you can get the best deal on generic Viagra online at a glance.

The price chart comes with links so you can go straight to the store and make an instant purchase.

As a reminder, Viagra® is the branded name for an ED tablet whose patent on Viagra expired in the UK in June 2013. So now you can buy generic Viagra online much cheaper.

Main UK pharmacies are still overcharging the top price for Viagra so you have to shop elsewhere to get a fair deal. Check out Viagra online prices below:

Viagra – a brief history

Pfizer first created Sildenafil citrate to treat heart disease (Angina) in Kent, England. During clinical trials in Swansea, Wales, they discovered that Sildenafil also had the effect of producing extended erections among men.

The Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer branded it as an erectile dysfunction treatment and called it Viagra.

Although marketed and bought primarily as an erectile dysfunction treatment, Viagra has other uses such as the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

It helps treat ‘altitude sickness’ among mountain climbers. Sildenafil has be shown to be beneficial in treating jet lag. It also helps cut flowers to remain erect longer in vases.

There are also suggestions that Viagra’s effect on the circulatory system could help improve athletic performance – although this hasn’t been studied sufficient to be conclusive.

From ED treatment to sexual enhancer

Generic Viagra on-line has grown from being a erectile dysfunction treatment to becoming a widely used sexual enhancement drug for men.

Sildenafil is now being marketed for women as ‘Viagra for Women‘. Given that it assists an increased blood flow to the genital area it is thought to enhance sexual pleasure and responsiveness for women.

A common myth concerning Viagra is that it causes the penis to become erect which is strictly speaking not true.

What it does do is suppress a naturally occurring chemical call PDE5.

The presence of PDE5 blocks the relaxation of blood vessels and hence makes gaining and sustaining an erection more difficult – particularly as we get older.

Viagra needs sexual stimulation to work.

For more information regarding the myths and falsehoods that circulate about generic Viagra see: Exposing ED Medication Myths

You can get generic Viagra on-line in different dosages. 25mg, 50mg, 100mg are the most popular but it is possible to purchase up to 200mg of Sildenafil per tablet.

A 25mg dosage of Sidenafil taken 30 minutes to an hour before engaging in sexual activity is usually considered adequate for most men with mild ED.

However, significant saving can be gained when you buy Viagra on-line in higher dosages.

For more information on getting cheap generic Viagra on-line see: Cheap ED tablets

Viagra side effects

A number of side-effects are known but they are rare and non-life threatening.

If you are concerned about your reaction to Viagra / Sildenafil it’s best to take a small amount at first to test for compatibility.

For more information on generic Viagra on-line side-effects see: ED treatment Side-effects & Risks

Generic Viagra on-line is the same as Viagra. Both consist of Sidenafil, but is outside outside of Pfizer’s control. Although Pfizer’s patent on Viagra expired June, 2013 in the UK, the patent remains in force in the USA until 2020.

Viagra sells under a number of different names such as Eriacta®, Kamagra®, Suhagra among others. If the main ingredient is Sildenafil just as Viagra. Sildenafil sells under its own name, Sildenafil.

You can buy generic Viagra and other brands, including the ‘no-name’ brand Sildenafil, at a much reduced cost to brand Viagra. The ingredients and effects are identical.

ED pills price comparison

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